Trendy Diets And Your Pet

Grain-free and exotic ingredient diets have become a trend in the pet food industry, likely based off the recent gluten-free and “gut healthy” human dieting trends. However, it’s not beneficial to apply these types of diets to animals as they have very different dietary requirements and metabolism. We often hear owners say they chose grain-free…

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Get 12 Weeks of Flea & Tick Prevention

  With the return of summer comes the return of those pesky fleas and ticks. Did you know that these tiny critters can cause a number of health problems for your dog, ranging from flea allergy dermatitis, anemia, and Lyme disease? It’s true, and some of these conditions can even be fatal if left untreated.…

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Dr. Eric Ruhland named President of Cathedral Hill Business Association

Congratulations Dr. Eric, or shall we call you Dr. President? September 4th 2012 Dr. Eric was elected as president of the Cathedral Hill Business Association. Exciting things to come in this great neighborhood!

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