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Dr. Eric Has Done Wonders

“Dr. Eric has done wonders for Sally the Pug! She had an eye tuck so her lashes don’t graze her eyes any more and she is so much less itchy since being treated by him! Yea!!”  Jen R.

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Friendly, Helpful, Caring and Intelligent staff

“I recently moved into Saint Paul and today was my cat’s first visit to the St. Paul Pet Hospital. I was very pleased with the friendly, helpful, caring and intelligent staff.”  Sherri F.

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Kudos to Saint Paul Pet

“This is the best pet care, veterinarians and staff I’ve had the pleasure to use and I’ve owned animals of all sizes my whole life. Kudos to Saint Paul Pet Hospital!” Rachel D.

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Couldn’t Ask For A Better Vet!

“Dr. Eric is amazing, he always around to help whenever we need. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better vet!!!!” Luke D.

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Twin Cities Truly Caring Vet

“This post is long overdue, we tried various vet clinics in the twin cities finding none genuine, truly caring and comfortable. Our senior cat hated going to the vet and unfortunately we needed to see someone in June 2013. We were so very fortunate we tried St Paul Pet Hospital for this visit.” Kathryn C.

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St. Paul Pet Hospital Highland

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