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Summer Safety Tips for Highland Park Pets

What is your pet’s favorite outdoor activity? Is it playing fetch at the park; going for long walks; or swimming in the river or lake? No matter their favorite activity, it’s of paramount importance that they enjoy it safely. That’s where we can help. Our animal hospital team wants you to enjoy your summer with your pet, so follow these safety tips to make sure you do!

Summer Pet Safety Tips in Highland Park: Dog Swimming Outside

Outdoor Summer Safety

Summers in Highland Park and the greater St. Paul area are usually not swelteringly hot for us, but for pets and their furry coats, a warm day for us can be a scorcher for them. Additionally, severe weather is only a lightning strike away. Keep these tips in mind whether you’re enjoying a day out in the backyard, on a long walk, or at the river or lake.

  • Never leave your pet in a parked car. The temperatures can soar to dangerous levels in mere minutes. Take your pet out with you or leave them in the comfort of home.
  • Take your daily walks earlier in the morning and later in the evening on hotter days.
  • Stay off the asphalt on hot days. Your pet’s paws can be burned by the hot pavement.
  • If your pet is outdoors for any length of time, make sure they have plenty of fresh, cool water to drink. This is important, too, at the river or lake where your pet may opt to drink the river or lake water.
  • If a storm is on the horizon, bring your pet indoors within plenty of time before it hits. Some pets can become anxious while the storm is still a way off and bolt if frightened. If your pet is especially anxious during storms, talk to your veterinarian about possible anti-anxiety medications.
  • While at the river or a lake, make sure your pet never gets too far out of your reach while swimming. Even the strongest swimmers can tire out.
  • Get a lifejacket for your pet, especially if they are unsure swimmers. This is essential, too, if you take them out on a boat.
  • After every swim, rinse of your pet’s coat and clean out their ears. Rinsing the coat rids it of any irritants while cleaning the ears protects your pet from getting an ear infection.
  • Keep a watch for blue-green algae which can sometimes develop in warm lake and river waters. This microorganism could be fatal to your dog, so keep them out of the water if blue-green algae is present.

Prevent Parasites from Getting the Better of Your Pet

Parasites become ever more prevalent during the warm summer months, so make sure your pet is protected with parasite preventatives. Fleas, ticks, and heartworms (carried by mosquitoes) are the most common pests our pets have to deal with. These critters can cause skin irritation and even disease. With consistent preventative medications, however, these pests pose no threat to your pet. Ask your veterinarian today about parasite prevention options for your cat or dog.

Interested in learning more about summer pet safety? Contact our animal hospital today at (651) 789-0099.

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